Making Barn Quilt Pallets Making Barn Quilt Pallets Lumber Selection We build our pallets out of decay resistant Western Red Cedar fence boards. 199267801 Drying The boards are are too wet, so we sun or air dry them before cutting. 199267804 Cutting Pickets The 6' fence boards are cut into standard length pickets with a chop saw: approximately 21" or 26" or 32". 199267808 Truing the Edges A fresh edge is cut on both edges 199267811 Attaching the Back Support Boards Depending of the pallet size, either 2 or 3 Western Cedar furring strips are attached to the pickets with galvanized staples. 199267812 Pallet Back 199267797 Sanding the Face The rough sawn boards are machine sanded smooth 199267814 199267798 199268710