My name is Chela Guyette and I am an artist who makes hand-painted Barn Quilts. Traditional barn quilts are large, colorful wooden blocks usually located on barns, and other large buildings in rural areas. I am taking the style that is gaining popularity in the country and making it in sizes more practical for urban areas. Most traditional barn quilts are 8'x8' square and are made to go on the side or large barn walls. The barn quilts I make range from 2'x2' to 4'x4' squared and will look awesome hanging outside your house, porch, or garage, or inside your home as wall decor as well! They are hand-painted on 9/16" x 5" Western Cedar fence boards using premium acrylic paints and top coated with 3 coats of U.V. protected Spar Urethane. These indoor/outdoor yard art decorations make a perfect gift for the gardener or quilter in your life.